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Rosaly Bass

 I grew up on a farm in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. My mother was a devoted organic gardener long before many people thought about the dangers of using                       chemicals to grow food. So the philosophy of organics was deeply ingrained in me at an early age.

However, I thought growing a garden was a sissy thing to do. My father ran a small herd of milking short horns and a hay business. I was more interested in milking the cows and running the farm equipment. So between learning about growing organically and learning to use farm machinery, I was well on my way to becoming a farmer for life!

I married, had two children, divorced and then taught school in New York City for five years. My second husband, Perkins Bass just happened to have a beautiful farm in New Hampshire. I slid back into farming. Fortunately, by this time I realized that growing things is not a sissy thing to do!

When I first started growing vegetables, there wasn’t a lot of help for organic farmers. I got what help I could from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Agricultural Extension Service. I talked to the few organic growers I could find. And I committed myself to being the best organic grower I could be.

Today, organic farmers have all sorts of help. The UNH Agricultural people and the UNH Agricultural Extension people are very knowledgeable. The National Organic Program (NOP) and the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture Organic Certifiers are also very helpful.

I have become a knowledgeable resource to others, and I’m often asked to give presentations to the Master Gardeners, The New England Vegetable and Fruit Growers Association, MOVGA and other organizations.

Rosaly’s Garden & Farmstand Crew

The farm is now co-owned by Matt Gifford, a long time Farm Manager, who has a degree from the Thompson School at UNH and a degree in Agriculture from the UNH Agricultural School.

The crew is led by three managers with extensive training, experience and education. Additionally, many members of the staff have worked for Rosaly’s for many years and have a good understanding of how we operate organically.