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Employment Application

Our workers return year after year, and we’re happy to see them.

We often need new people, however, for field word and Farmstand work. Both jobs are demanding and require physical fitness.

We are particularly interested in workers who:

  • Love the outdoors
  • Are interested in organics
  • Want to work on a farm
  • Understand the hard physical labor involved
  • Have some experience with a cash register, gardening, farming and/or farm equipment


Field Work

Field work includes starting plants; transplanting plants to larger containers; transplanting into the ground; weeding, staking, trellising; and picking, washing and packing for sale. It involves laying plastic, laying floating row covers, setting up electric fences, lawn mowing, weed whacking and running various types of equipment. If you are a field worker, you may be involved in all these tasks. As the season changes, the types of work change.

The workday starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM. Workers are not paid for lunch; they’re expected to clock out for lunch and clock back in for the afternoon.

  • Most field workers work a five-day week from Monday through Friday.
  • Several field workers have schedules from Friday through Tuesday so they can pick for the Farmstand on weekends and give Farmstand workers lunch breaks.
  • Some workers have schedules that are split between the Farmstand and the field.
  • Field workers work hard in all kinds of conditions: heat, cold and sometimes heavy rain. We provide raincoats and rain pants, but when it's really wet, no one stays dry.

Farmstand Work

Farmstand work involves running the cash registers, stocking, setting up attractive displays and dealing with customers.  Workers at the Farmstand are expected to learn all of the workings of the farm as quickly as possible. We are dealing with an actively interested customer base with a ton of questions about every aspect of the farm.

It’s a high pressure job dealing with many customers at the same time. It’s also very physical work. Farmstand workers must be able to lift bushels and crates of food. The Farmstand is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and must be manned from 9:00 AM until closing (around 6:30 PM). Workers have different shifts but no one works more than an 8-hour shift.


The Season

We start hiring some people in April, more in May and June. Our peak season is July, August and September. The work usually ends by mid-October.


The Crew

We hire about 10 workers per season. Our crew is a hard working, friendly group of men and women aged anywhere between 16 and 60.


The Pay

Starting pay is $9.00 per hour, $9.50 per hour for weekend work after the Farmstand opens. 

Workers are expected to fill out a W-4 form when they’re hired so we can pay government taxes on our employees.


Experience Needed

Cash register experience and good physical fitness are a necessity if you are working at the Farmstand. Any kind of gardening or farm experience is useful.

Good people skills are important and good references are needed. Experience with farm equipment or yard machinery is also helpful.


The Perks

You can pick anything on the farm for your own household needs. This includes vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers. Since we grow a wide range of everything, this benefit helps your budget as well as your health!

Another perk is the hands on experience of organic gardening! You learn a lot in a short amount of time about growing, pruning, picking, and everything in between!

When to Apply for a Job on the Farm

You can apply as early as February by mailing in a job application. We have lots of applicants so you should apply as early as possible. Returning employees have first choice on the available jobs. But even later applicants should apply because you never know if you may have the qualifications we need or if an opening has just occurred.



We do not offer housing for our workers.