Flower Gardens

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Our gardens blaze with color from asters to zinnias and from bachelor’s button to yarrow. Our hydrangeas and delphiniums are treasured throughout the Monadnock Region and beyond.

Our pick-your-own ornamental grasses and drying flowers include bupleurum, gomphrena (globeflower), prairie switch grass (Panicum virgatum), statice and strawflowers.

Our gardens begin blooming with delphiniums in late June. The season ends in early October with calendula, amaranth, and salvia. The main season offers lots of zinnias, sunflowers, cosmos, plus many other varieties.

In recent years, our flower gardens have become a favorite destination for area photographers specializing in fine art landscape and flower photography. Early mornings and late afternoons work best for photos!

Flower Bloom Chart



Many of our flowers are great for drying, so you can enjoy your fresh picked bouquets even longer!

Flowers available for drying at Rosaly’s Garden

Amaranthus (Love lies bleeding, Oppepo) - Harvest when seed has begun to set and flowers feel firm

Artemisia – Harvest once flower heads have developed on stems

Bupleurum (Green Gold) – Harvest when flowers are completely open, hang to dry

Celosia (Chief Mix, Pampas Plume, Sylphid)  – Harvest when flowers are fully developed, hang to dry

Echinacea (Purple Coneflower) - Harvest when cone is raised and has turned golden, remove petals, hang to dry

Eucalyptus (Silver Drop) – Harvest after leaves start to feel leathery, hang to dry

Hydrangeas – Harvest green, mature flowers that feel papery. Hang to dry in a dark, dry place

Ornamental Grasses (Frosted Explosion, Fountain) – Harvest when tufts have opened partially, hang to dry

Gomphrena (Strawberry Fields, Mix) – Harvest when flowers are completely open, hang to dry

Nigella (Love in a mist) – Harvest when seed pods are firm

Salvia (Marble Arch) – Harvest when in full bloom

Statice – Harvest when individual flowers are mostly open and showing color, hang to dry

Strawflower – Harvest when 2-3 layers of petals have unfolded but before flowers fully open

Sunflowers – Harvest when flowers are completely open, hang to dry