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U Pick Flowers for Weddings and other Special Events


Each season at Rosaly's Garden, wedding parties and other groups enjoy the experience of picking their own flowers for their wedding or special event. We grow one acre of a large variety of garden flowers for U-Pick customers, in our scenic gardens at our farmstand.

Our flower gardens are open for picking from early July to September. The time of peak bloom with most variety and quantity of flowers is the month of August. Some varieties are in bloom for almost the whole season, some have a shorter bloom time. Please see our Bloom Time Chart which shows which flowers are blooming when.

Picking from our gardens is great if you would be happy with a variety of informal, cottage garden or wildflower type flowers, without too many specific needs for quantity of one particular flower. It helps if your flower decorating plans are flexible. Again the month of August provides the most quantity and variety of flowers.

Here is a list of the flowers we grow that provide the most steady and abundant supply of blooms:

  • Zinnias, several varieties and colors
  • Cosmos, pink and white
  • Statice, purple, blue, white, pink, yellow
  • Sunflowers, mixture of colors including yellow, gold, bronze, cream, maroon

And we have many other varieties of annual and perennial of flowers as well, including Rudbeckias, Asters, Celosias, Yarrows, Shasta Daisy and Liatris, to name a few. The herb gardens provide mints, artemisias and other herbs for greens and flowers. Anything cut from the herb gardens along with the cut flowers gets priced the same as the cut flowers.

If it works into your plans, a good thing to do is to come to the garden or call us one or 2 weeks ahead of the wedding or event, and we can give you an idea of how the bloom times are coming along this season, and which flowers would be available. If you visit the farm yourself, you can see the possibilities.


How to Pick Your U-Pick Flowers



Please call us 2 weeks ahead of time to let us know what day you would like to pick. We will put you on our calendar.

We are open 7 days a week, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We can arrange for you to come pick at 9:00 a.m., if you would like. Picking first thing in the morning is best, and late in the afternoon second best. It works well to pick the day before the wedding, because the flowers have time to take up water from the buckets overnight, and they will be fresh for arranging the next day. Keeping them overnight in a cool, dark place is best.


What You Will Need

Please bring your own containers if you can. Buckets and pails from 1 gal. to 5 gal. size work well, to hold water to pick the flowers into and transport them. Yogurt or similar plastic containers are good for very short stems.

We can supply you with scissors to cut the flowers, or bring your own scissors or floral snips. We provide water to put in your containers. Ask at the Farmstand cashier counter, where we will put water in your containers and weigh them before you go out to pick (see Pricing of U-Pick Flowers).


Pricing of U-Pick Flowers at Rosaly's Garden

Our flowers are priced by weight. U-Pick flowers are $12.00/lb., with 2 exceptions: sunflowers and hydrangeas are priced by the stem at $1.50/stem. We actually weigh the flowers after you pick them, to price them. We subtract the weight of the container and water, which we weigh before you go out to pick.

Here are some estimated average (not actual) costs of U-Pick flowers:

  • 1 medium bucket (3 gal. or so, like a household wash pail) full of flowers $25-$30
  • 1 small bucket, 1 or 2 gal. (like a plastic paint pail) full of flowers $15-$20
  • 5 gal. bucket full of flowers $35-$50
  • flowers needed to make a full, small table bouquet $6-$8
  • flowers needed to make a medium tall vase bouquet $18-$25.


We can also pick flowers for you. The price in that case is $15.00/lb., and $2.00 a stem for sunflowers and hydrangeas, but if you get 8 or more sunflowers, the price is $1.50, same as U-Pick. To get the above estimated prices for quantities of flowers, add 25%. We can pick for general specification, for example 50 pick or purple zinnias, or 3 buckets of red/orange/yellow flowers, or 20 stems of sunflowers. Usually we can't guarantee a specific quantity of a specific flower. Please call us 2 weeks ahead of the day you would like us to pick for you.


We hope you will enjoy our beautiful U-Pick flowers for your wedding or special event!