Why Organic?

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Why We Grow Organic

1. Organic farming protects the life in the soil. Healthy soil teems with life, all kinds of micro-organisms and earthworms. A square foot of topsoil can contain as much as a pound of earthworms! Chemicals like fertilizers pesticides, fungicides and herbicides kill that life.

2. Organic farming protects the environment. Chemicals in whatever form get into the air and kill or sicken surrounding vegetation and wildlife. They affect the air around us.

3. Organic farming protects ground water and surrounding bodies of water.

4. Perhaps most important, organic farming protects people, the people who work on the farm and the people who eat the produce grown on the farm. Pesticides cause cancer and contribute to other diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease. You can’t completely wash away chemical pesticides and other chemical treatments. In fact, they may become a systemic part of the plant you eat, washed by rain down to the root systems and then taken up by the plant and into the edible part.