Rosaly's Garden Cookbook

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"So many people come to our farmstand asking about different ways to prepare the many varieties of herbs and vegetables that they buy here. Our garden cookbook was created just for that reason and offers many simple but stylish recipes to enjoy. It also reminds us how wonderful it is to not only to be able to buy the freshest, tastiest local produce, but to know we're buying and eating responsibly."  Rosaly Bass

Enjoy ways to..

  • get to know and use herbs so that they compliment your own cooking.
  • be creative in the many ways you can build fresh salads.
  • expand your horizons as you enjoy the flavor of our many different varieties of fresh vegetables.
  • make soups that are easy, healthy and deliciously comforting!
  • try simple, healthy ways to enjoy fresh fruits and sweets.

Our cookbook is our little gift to you from the Monadnock Region.

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